Paris Hilton screwing by the pool

6 05 2007

Unbelievable, but this picture recently leaked from a private collection and is now everywhere on the internet, well done Paris !


Ok, I must admit it’s kinda old, but still gold. In case you came here from a search engine or from the wordpress tag pages…bad boy, no free Paris Hilton porn here, but a good laugh !

Paris Hilton backstage

22 03 2007


Video of Paris Hilton, Andrew “Dice” Clay and Tom Green backstage at the Arbys Extreme Sports Awards.

Paris Hilton Sexy Spin

25 02 2007

Hot sexy video of Paris Hilton in lingerie, she must have felt really dizzy after this

Paris Hilton Carwash Video

7 02 2007

Great hot video clip done for a TV commercial with Paris Hilton carwash action