Dave Chapelle in SF

23 07 2007


Full video of Dave Chapelle’s show in San Francisco, great 57 minutes video. Adult humor, you have been warned ! As usual, he really rocks the house.

American Idol parody

22 03 2007


Video about the famous Gary Brolsma singing Dragostea O Zone in American Idol TV Show. I just say: American Idle

Money Talks

12 03 2007


What are everyday normal people on the street willing to do for money ? The real internet TV show Money Talks tests peoples limits with the allmighty greenback. I can already tell you: They do the craziest shit for a quick buck ! Yes, money does talk !

Christina Aguilera Mad TV

7 03 2007


Mad TV’s take on Christina Aguilera’s fabulous Beautiful video. Freakin funny even if they do get everything right !

Dave Chappelle at his best

16 02 2007

Almost spilled my whole coffee on the keyboard, this clip is great ! Dave Chappelle as P Diddy in Making The Band

Want more of him ? Then check out the hilarious Aids came from monkeys !

Asian Backstreet Boys

15 02 2007

Two asian guys backstreet boys parody with playback, awesome !

Ferrari Crash

15 02 2007

Idiot crashes his Ferrari at a speed race

We Control The Internet Now

7 02 2007

Looking for even more clips in a searchable video database ? I recently found a great new site with videos from loads of sources, so check out We Control The Internet Now !

Funny Cats Video

7 02 2007

Video clips with loads of cazy cats going mad