Queen of the Hood

26 02 2007

Some serious catfighting, pretty long action with two girls…and yes, they fight like only girls fight !

Paris Hilton Sexy Spin

25 02 2007

Hot sexy video of Paris Hilton in lingerie, she must have felt really dizzy after this

Britney Spears shaved

18 02 2007

The shocking video of Britney Spears with shaved head This is not a fake, it may take a few second for the video to load, since loads of people are accessing it at the moment. Unbelievable, but true, she is now bald !

Dave Chappelle at his best

16 02 2007

Almost spilled my whole coffee on the keyboard, this clip is great ! Dave Chappelle as P Diddy in Making The Band

Want more of him ? Then check out the hilarious Aids came from monkeys !

Asian Backstreet Boys

15 02 2007

Two asian guys backstreet boys parody with playback, awesome !

Ferrari Crash

15 02 2007

Idiot crashes his Ferrari at a speed race

Webcam Babe Monica

15 02 2007

Pics of hot webcam babe Monica posing on her couch at home

Darering Truth or Dare Game

13 02 2007


Group of babes playing a sexy truth or dare game at a sleepover Want more free videos ? There is a little portal page with loads of free galleries at Darering Hub

Britney Spear video remix

9 02 2007

Very cool Britney Spears music video clip remix

Shakira bikini photoshoot

9 02 2007

Great clip of Shakira posing for the camera in a golden bikini. Nice older clip I just discovered.